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Juvenile Crime

It seems like an average Saturday night, but then you get a call from the police station saying that your son or daughter is being held on criminal charges. Now what? During this frightening time, you need a Miami criminal lawyer with the skills to protect your child’s rights.

Most juvenile crimes are handled within the juvenile justice system. If your child is charged with a more serious offense, however, the prosecution may seek to try your child as an adult. This has terrible penalties: your child could face years in an adult prison, surrounded by influences that would certainly do more harm than good, ultimately destroying the potential and future you dreamed of for your child. No parent should have to face this, and a good Miami criminal lawyer can help see to it that your child has a trial appropriate for his or her age.

Our Miami Criminal Lawyer Has Years of Experience

Our Miami criminal lawyers have years of experience defending clients like your child against all types of criminal charges, including juvenile crime such as:

We understand that this is a difficult time for your family, and we treat each client with compassion and care. We conduct our own investigations, digging deep to unearth evidence that will build our defense and challenge the prosecution. If this is only a first-time misdemeanor offense, we can even work with the Miami justice system to devise a probationary program that would ultimately lead to a removal of all charges from your child’s records. No matter what, we always work with your family and your child’s best interests at heart.

One mistake can change your life. Don’t let this happen to your child. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Miami criminal lawyer today.