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There are many different types of theft, and robbery is one of them. Robbery is considered a very serious offense by Miami law enforcement, and can come with very heavy penalties if you are convicted. If you or a loved one is facing robbery charges in Miami, contact a Miami criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Unlike embezzlement or fraud—forms of theft which use deception and trust to gain unlawful access to money or property—robbery is theft by force. In robbery, fear is often used to overcome victims. Weapons are often used during the course of robberies, either to inspire fear and compliance or to actually injure a target. Due to this violent nature, robbery carries severe penalties, often with additional weapons charges that can add years to your final sentence if convicted. A robbery can also count as a strike against you under Florida’s Three Strikes law. With these consequences at stake, you need a Miami criminal defense lawyer who will fight hard to protect your freedom.

Miami’s Criminal Lawyer

Our Miami criminal lawyers have years of experience defending clients like you against all types of criminal charges, including robbery and other theft-related offenses such as:

Our attorneys understand the serious nature of your situation, and treat each case with attention and care. We operate our firm under the principle that every client is innocent until proven guilty, and work around the clock to defend your freedom. We are aggressive both in and out of the courtroom, in investigating evidence and filing motions, and in many instances we are able to have cases dropped before they even reach trial.

If you have been charged with robbery, you know how serious such charges are. You cannot afford to go unrepresented. To start defending yourself, contact us and schedule a free consultation with a top Miami criminal lawyer today.

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